AroPaw - Decoración de acuario (20 a 30 unidades), diseño realista de plástico


$ 882.19 $ 1,940.40

  • TOP QUALITY AQUA PLANTS- Made from BPA FREE plastic to ensure quality and safety, at the same time beautifying your tank.
  • VALUE PACK- The fake plant set includes all sizes ranging from small to tall, in all colors from Green grass to Red plants. As well as a cool decorative rock adding beauty to you fish bowl.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE- Fake fish supplies are a lot easier to maintain than real fish plants. Simply wash with warm water and dry before placing in the tank.
  • 20 PACK- Giving enough weighted plants in one set to truly enhance your 5-10 Gallon fishtank, making it a must buy!
  • WORKS FOR ALL FISH/ TURTLE- Perfect and safe for beta to goldfish and anything in between.