2 Soft Furry y Feather Teaser Varita Y Exerciser para gato y kitten – Cat Juguete interactivo


$ 570.89 $ 1,267.20

  • Lesotc design idea: Our cat wand toys chose a bright rainbow color, it is always an eye-catching product.
  • Safety: Made of environment-friendly soft material, all dyes are non-toxic and odor free, safe for your cats. We use wide strips that don't strangle pets even if they're wrapped around them.
  • No sharp: Our cat wand toys do not have any sharp objects and will not hurt your cat.
  • Built in Bell: Provides clear and pleasant sound, extremely attractive for your cat. The bell is built in, so don't worry about being eaten by your cat.
  • Perfect Set: Includes two wands with different lengths and shapes, appealing to your cat and making your relationship more intimate.