DIDIPET hamaca de dragón con barbillas, viñas de escalada de selva, hojas flexibles de reptil con ventosas, decoración de hábitat para escalada camaleón, lagartos gecko serpientes


$ 749.09 $ 1,464.10

  • Create A Natural Environment For All Pets To Enjoy: Hammock is hand-woven from durable, 100% natural seagrass fiber. The bearded dragon, lizards or other reptiles will enjoy the fun while pairing it with highly simulated leaves and branches, as if in nature.
  • Ample Combination Fit For DIY: The design of suction cups and ropes allows the versatility of this bearded dragon hammock, which allows you to position it anywhere and any angle in accordance with the habit of your little guys.
  • Incline Installation Helps Them To Self-regulate Their Temperature: Most reptiles and amphibians (PS: Lizard, Bearded Dragon, Gecko, Snake, hermit crab and so on). Bearded Dragon Accessories on an incline, which allow your pets to self-regulate their temperature by moving closer or farther from the basking light. It is essential for them and they'll know how high to climb.
  • Measure 15.7'' L x 6.69' W x 0.75'' H: The reptile lounger is the ideal size for Anoles, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Iguanas, Hermit Crabs, Ball Python and more other reptiles and amphibians.
  • What's in the box: 1 *Reptile Vine Hammock, 1 *Reptile Flexible Decor Vine (39.37"), 1 *Reptile leaves(78.74"), 4 *Suction Cups and a worry-free 30-days warranty, and friendly customer service.