Fuente de agua para gatos – 2,5 l ultra silenciosa automática fuente de agua para mascotas dispensador de agua para perro con doble sistema de filtración, cuenco de agua con luz LED para gatos y perros disfrutando de beber, filtro de repuesto


$ 961.39 $ 1,622.50

  • Large Capacity - 2.5L water capacity is perfect for cats and smll animals. The Cat Water Fountain could provide healthy and clean water for your pet all the day. USB connection or plug connection, easy to use.
  • Double Filtration System - The cat fountain use multiple processes to filter and purify water, high density activated carbon and ion exchange resin material can filter impurities and soften the water, effectively maintain water quality, increase oxygen content and protect pet health.
  • Ultra Quiet and LED Light - Transparent water level window remind you to replenish water in time and the LED light enables the cat to drink water conveniently at night. Our pet fountain is extremely quiet, will not disturb you when you need a quiet environment to work or sleep.
  • Water Stream Designs - Flower waterfall mode could make the water look like a waterfall, more attractive for cats to drink water. Gently fountain you only need take off the water outlet on the top. Each mode can meet the needs of various pets.
  • Easy to Assemble and Use - Entire filter is made of water outlet, upper cover, floating filter sponge and sink, each fountain comes with a filter, and our suggested replacement period is about 4 weeks. The fountain is designed to be durable and easy to clean, you can easily assemble it, only takes a few minutes.