Gigwi Juguetes interactivos para gatos, sonido interactivo, juguetes para gatos, melodía y juguetes para que los gatos jueguen solos, juguete para el aburrimiento


$ 920.69 $ 1,544.40

  • ★SIZE: 6.7X6X2.4 inches (17X15X6cm)
  • ★MATERIAL: This animal cat toy kitten is made in flannelette and electronic component in good quality, material and production process meet European and American environmental quality standards and safety requirements
  • ★UNIQUE DESIGN: GiGwi squeaky cat toys in toucan bird shape are designed to satisfy your cats hunting instinct and catch your cat’s attention
  • ★SIMPLE USE: Remove the plastic cord to activate the cat squeak toy and throw down the motion activated toy to the ground before the toucan bird makes realistic sound
  • ★FUNCTION:The electronic cat toys interactive only squeak when be touched.For your indoor cats who would love to catch a colorful bird - this chirpy toucan is quite the hit. They would feel just like they had caught a real toucan and proudly strutted around with it in their mouth when not tossing it in the air