Luluhome Fuente para mascotas, 51 oz/1.5 l automático Cat fuente de agua perro dispensador de agua, agua filtrada para perro, gato, animales pequeños

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$ 646.79 $ 1,570.80

  • ❃Drink water, the water is clean: 1.5 liter (51fl.oz) circulating oxygen water dispenser, large water capacity, suitable for cats and dogs and small pets. Even if your pet is alone at home, it can drink water easily and happily, and feels your care for it anytime, anywhere. Free-falling streams entices dogs and cats to drink more water. The circulation filtration system, water fountain pump continuously circulates water, increases the oxygen content of the water, and makes the water more sweet.
  • ❃Healthy drinking water: Pet fountain use rotary filtration to improve water quality, live water flows out, pet fur does not get wet, and can keep water active, replaceable activated carbon filter cotton, eliminate bad taste and odor, keep water fresh. Suitable for medium-sized pets, giving pets a new eating habit.
  • ❃Considerate design: Simple, easy to use, easy to disassemble parts, easy to clean, pet fountain without BPA, top dishwasher safe. Water dispenser filter element is recommended to be replaced or cleaned once every 2-3 weeks after use. The silent motor design does not scare the pets. Low-voltage design ensures pet safety. Don't worry about pets touching the wires.
  • ❃Adjustable water flow size: The water flow can be adjusted by the water fountain pump, and the setting of various water flow sizes can satisfy you and your pets. Customized water flow. Provide your pets with the largest amount of oxygen, fresher and healthier.
  • ❃Notice: Do not allow the water volume to be lower than the minimum water level line; Water dispenser filter element is recommended to be replaced or cleaned once every 2-3 weeks after use; Clean the internal pump of the water fountain once every 3-4 weeks; Activated carbon filter cotton is cleaned every 2 weeks. We offer 100% refund guarantee, any problems please contact us. Let your pets drinking the cleanest water at any time!