Pet Parents Gnawtlers – Premium alce cuernos para perros, naturalmente cobertizo alce cuernos, todo natural alce Antler masticas, especialmente seleccionado de la montaña rocosa y Heartland Regions – alce cuernos para perros

Pet Parents

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  • USA ELK ANTLERS FOR DOGS MEDIUM is sized for Dogs 20-40lbs, such as a Beagle, Bulldog, and Dachshund. The length of the Medium Gnawtler elk antlers is 4.5" - 5". The medium dog bone is a good choice for dog toys for aggressive chewers & natural dog bones for the medium guys that need something to gnaw on besides your furniture, shoes or house. Medium Gnawtlers are great for large size dogs when they are teething puppies!
  • ALL NATURAL, HEALTHY & CLEAN TREAT - Our premium elk antlers dogs are packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese & zinc making them perfect bone marrow dog treats. Unlike other processed & dyed options, Gnawtlers elk antler chews have no odor, no mess, & even after hours & hours of gnawing won't leave residue or coloring behind making them great for indoors & outdoors! Gnawtlers are also great for dental hygiene as the gnawing removes the build up of plaque found often with small & medium dogs.
  • CALLED GNAWTLERS FOR A REASON - To begin with, our elk antlers are specially selected from Grade A premium raw elk antler for their weight, density, color, & shape. From there, they are meticulously sorted, weighed, cut, sanded, inspected, vacuum sealed, & labeled becoming Gnawtlers. Our pieces are scrutinized from their original raw form laying on the forest & mountain ground all the way to your home & your pup to ensure your Gnawtler is up to Gnawtler standards.
  • A PERFECT DOGGY GIFT - Whether it's your pup's birthday, adoption anniversary, Christmas gift or just because they're your furbaby and you love them, a Pet Parents Gnawtler elk antler dog bone makes a perfect gift for your gnawing dog! If you find your dog or puppy chewing on things around the house, tame the beast by giving them a Gnawtler and watch them chill out. In the super rare case your dog isn't going to town on the elk antler, boil it with a chicken or beef broth and watch them go nuts
  • VACUUM SEALED FOR YOUR DOGS SAFETY - Unlike other elk antlers on the market that are unprotected and may contact contaminants while waiting to be shipped or even during transit, all Gnawtlers are vacuum sealed for your dogs safety. Gnawtlers are natural antlers, shape, weight, density and color will vary, but we assure only the best become Gnawtlers! Don't settle for anything but the Gnawtler Standard, CLICK ADD TO CART and get your Pet Parents Gnawtlers today!