QSLQYB LED UVB Reptile Light, UVB 20.0-9 W UVA + UVB Full Spectrum Sun Lamp Reptile Lizard Lamp UV Lamp


$ 1,544.39 $ 2,656.50

  • UVB Reptile Light - The Led uvb light is suitable for desert reptiles and desert plants.
  • UVB 20.0 - Provides high intensity uva uvb light, 20% output intensity, equivalent to 2 ordinary uvb 10.0 bulbs,uvc free,
  • Led UV Light - Adopt brand-new LED technology, greatly extend the service life.
  • Full Spectrum Light Reptile - Three types of led lamp beads, while providing uva UVB rays separately, provide full spectrum rays.
  • After-sales Service: Led uvb pet light has a life of more than 3 years, if there is any damage in the middle, please contact us for free replacement.