YHY Cuenco de cerámica para comida de gatos, 283 ml, no deslizante, cuenco para comida de gato, ancho y espeso, diseño elegante, color blanco, 6.5 pulgadas


$ 818.39 $ 1,417.90

  • Prevents Whisker Fatigue: shallow and wide mouth for your cat's whiskers to not touch the side of the dish while eating, it prevents whisker fatigue and keeps his or her face clean.
  • Hard To Be Pushed Over: A very wide and stable base attached 8 pack round non-slip stickers, it will keep the bowl in place, even the most hungry cat is hardly to push over. No more mess!
  • Right Portion Size For Cat: 8 oz, it can store enough food for cat to eat throughout the day, preventing overfeeding.
  • Stylish Pattern: it has a simple and modern outlook with the pattern of a cat created by simple lines; easy to clean.
  • FDA Approved Ceramic: anti-corrosion and rustproof, sanitary and healthy for cats. Dishwasher safe so you can just throw the cat bowl in the dishwasher to wash it.